Turn off medication reminders

Medication reminders help you, or a loved one, stay on top of a medication schedule no matter how complex it may be.

If you prefer not to receive reminder notifications, you just need to turn off the reminder times.

iPhone and iPad Instructions

  1. Tap the circular profile icon (top left corner). 
  2. Tap Settings (bottom left corner).
  3. Under NOTIFICATIONS, tap the profile name you wish to turn off reminders for (e.g. Mary).
  4. Under MEDICATIONS, drag the slider from right to left (next to iPhone notifications) to turn reminders off.

Android Instructions

  1. Tap the circular profile icon (top left corner).
  2. Tap Settings (bottom left corner).
  3. Tap the name of the profile you'd like to turn off med reminders for (e.g. You).
  4. Under Reminders, tap the box to the right of Medication to uncheck it.

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