Add an entry to the Journal via email

Each CareZone has a unique email address that allows you, and others with access, to post a new journal entry simply by sending an email. Instructions

How to find the email address

  1. Go to on web browser (don't use the app).
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Select a CareZone (e.g. Dad) on the left side of the page, and click on Journal.
  4. Below the compose box you’ll see the unique email (e.g. 
  5. Tip : We recommend right-clicking on the email address, copying it, and saving it as a contact in your email client.

How to post by email

  1. Open your email client (e.g. Gmail) on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Make sure the email account you are using is the one connected to your registered CareZone email address
  3. Create a new email message.
  4. Type or paste the unique email address into the To: field.
  5. Leave the subject line blank (the journal entry won’t include anything in the subject line).
  6. Write a message in the body of the email and Send

Having troubles?

Here are a couple of common issues:

1. Use the same email account you used to sign in to CareZone.
Many people have more than one email account, and your computer/phone may have defaulted to one that CareZone doesn't recognize. Only messages from the email address you use to access CareZone will be added to the Journal.

2. Use the email in your account, not one someone else gave you.
Each person has a unique address for a CareZone (that way, when you read the Journal, you'll know who wrote each entry). To get your unique email, follow the steps above.

iPhone and iPad Instructions

The unique email address to email a Journal entry isn't viewable from the iOS app just yet, but you can locate it on 

Android Instructions

The unique email address to email a Journal entry isn't viewable from the Android app just yet, but you can locate it on 

If you're stuck, send an email to and we'll help you out!

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