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Sharing helps family and caregivers stay organized and coordinated—so everyone can have access to the same information. 

People sharing a CareZone profile can view, add, and edit all the information in all modules (e.g. Medications, Journal, Calendar, etc)—but only for that profile.

As new CareZone profiles are added in the future, you can choose if you want to share that profile with others (or not). 

How Sharing Works

  • Invite individuals to share through your CareZone mobile app or the website.
  • You'll need to invite each person separately for every CareZone profile you want to share. 
  • We’ll email each person an invitation. (If you didn’t create the CareZone, we’ll email the person who created it for approval—before sending the invite.)
  • If the person you've invited accepts, we'll notify you and anyone else sharing access. 
  • The newly added person can view, add, and edit everything—except personal profile data. 
  • When any information changes in the CareZone profile, anyone sharing will have access to the updates. 
  • The person who creates a CareZone profile can remove previously invited helpers anytime.         


How to Share

Android and iOS Instructions

  1. Tap the profile icon (top left).  
    • If you have multiple profiles: Tap the profile name you want to share. 
  2. Tap the PROFILE tab (top right). 
  3. Scroll down to "SHARING" (towards the bottom of the screen). 
  4. Tap Profile sharing:
    • On Android: Tap the blue plus (+) button (bottom right).
    • On IOS: Tap the blue Invite others button.  
  5. Tap Someone else from the menu list.  
  6. Enter the email address of the person you want to share with. 
  7. Tap the Send Invitation button. 

Your shared-with can now check their email inbox and accept your invite. 

For help with accepting an invite, visit "How to Accept a Sharing Invitation". 





Top↑ Instructions

  1. Visit the website from your desktop computer or mobile web browser (not the mobile app). 
  2. Click the profile name of the person you want to share (far left column). 
  3. Click the + Share button (just below "Shared with" in the far right column). 
  4. Enter the email address of the person you want to share the profile with. 
  5. Click the Send Invitation email button. 
  6. An email invitation will be sent to the email address provided. 


How to Accept a Sharing Invitation

  1. To accept the invitation, click the second link provided in the email (see example below).
  2. Sign in to your CareZone account from the invitation link using the same registered email and password you used to sign up.
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