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CareZone makes it easy to always have a current list of medications with you, including information on dosages, refills, and expiration dates.

Here’s how to add new medications to your list:

Android and iOS Instructions

  1. Tap the Medications icon.
  2. Tap the (+) button (bottom right on Android, top right on iOS).
  3. To scan meds, take four separate images of your med label.
  4. To enter meds manually, tap Type Instead?.

We'll notify you by sending a push notification when your medication scan is complete and all of the details for your prescription have been added (including medication name, dosage, and refill information).


Add med - 

Manual type - 

Tap here to open the CareZone app.



Add med - 

Manual type - 

Top↑ Instructions

  1. Click on the Medications module.
  2. Click the blue Add a Medication button.
  3. Enter the medication name and other relevant details, such as dosage and pharmacy information.
  4. Click the Add Medication button at the bottom of the page.
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