Managing lots of medications?

If you or a loved one takes a number of medications, you know it can be a real chore to keep everything organized.
The Medications module makes it easy to have an organized med list that you can easily access, share when needed, and stay on top of with reminders and tracking. 

Have your med list everywhere you go.

Add each of your medications to CareZone and you’ll always have a current list with you. If a doctor or pharmacy has a question about what you’re taking, simply open the app to find the answer.

Tip: If a doctor needs a copy of your list, you can email it directly from the app on your iPhone or iPad. Learn how to share your med list here.

Scan your meds.

Creating a med list is quick and easy. Simply use your phone or tablet’s camera to scan each bottle and box from the Medications module, and the medication name, dosage, pharmacy contact info, refill dates, and other vital details will be added for you. Learn how to add a med here.

Set reminders.

Once your list is created, we’ll help you remember to take, or administer, medications. Simply set up reminder times for each scheduled dose and we’ll send you notifications on your phone or tablet when it’s time to take each one. Learn how to add med reminders here.

Record and track doses.

With medication tracking, you can record and track which doses have been successfully completed. When you mark that meds are taken in the Day View on the Medications module, we keep a running history for you. You can monitor your progress in the app and in a weekly email update. Learn how to track med doses here.

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