Need to share access with family and caregivers?

When you share a CareZone, it keeps everyone organized and coordinated by giving all the family members and caregivers involved in your life—or a family member’s life—access to the same information.

Sharing is by invitation only, controlled by the account owner, and allows others to have access to all the modules in a CareZone. You choose who you share with, when you share it, and can revoke access at any time.

The list of people you can share with is endless, and who to include can vary, depending on your situation.

Caring for yourself

Share your CareZone with your significant other, or other trusted family member, and they’ll have access to your medications, contacts, and other important information when it’s needed—in an emergency, at the doctor’s office, or on vacation. Learn how sharing works and  how to share your CareZone.

Caring for a family member

If you’re caring for a parent, spouse, or another loved one who needs your help, invite the other people supporting you—siblings, other family members, and caregivers—to make sure everyone’s working together and knows who’s taking care of what.

Here are some situations where sharing comes in handy:

Your brother asks for a list of Mom’s medications. When others have access to important information—from medications and contacts to upcoming appointments and important documents—you’re no longer the single source of information.

Tip: Add appointments to the calendar and everyone will know when Mom’s next visit is (and stop asking you!).

You need to coordinate who’s picking up Dad’s prescriptions.
Assign calendar events and to-dos to others so everyone is coordinated. We’ll do the nagging for you with frequent reminders, and let you know when something gets done.

Tip: Assign a calendar event or to-do to “Needs a Volunteer” and we’ll email everyone and ask for help on your behalf.

Need to update everyone on Mom’s medical appointment?
Use the Journal to record and share updates—from what happened at an appointment to how Mom was doing during your last visit—and you’ll find yourself repeating things a lot less. When you post a journal entry, we’ll send an update to everyone with access to your CareZone so you don’t need to follow up by email, text, or phone.

Tip: Set a Journal Reminder in the iPhone or iPad app to receive regular prompts to record information, like what Mom had to eat or how Dad’s feeling. Learn more about Journal Reminders.
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