How does sharing work?

You can use the mobile app or to invite individuals to access a CareZone. They’ll be able to view, edit, and add information, but the person who started the CareZone is ultimately in control.

Invitation only

Each time you add a person, we’ll send a unique email invitation to that individual to access your CareZone.

To accept the invitation, invitees will need to click the link in the email from CareZone and create a free CareZone account (or sign in if they’re already a CareZone user). Once a person accepts, we’ll notify you, as well as everyone else with access to that CareZone.

View, add, and edit

Everyone that belongs to a CareZone can view, add, and edit content in any of the modules.

Tip: If you don’t want to share full access to a CareZone with someone, you can share just the calendar. Learn how.

Automatic updates

Don’t worry about keeping track of others’ updates. Whenever any information is changed, we’ll keep everyone in sync by sending an email or push notification—depending on each person’s preference.

You’re always in control

The person who created the CareZone (the organizer) is always in full control. If another group member sends a new invite, it must first be approved by the organizer before we send it.

Also, if the situation changes and you need to remove a person (e.g. a caregiver), no problem. The organizer can easily do so. Learn how to revoke access.

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