Who to add to Contacts?

Sure, you have contacts in your phone already, but why not keep your health and caregiving contacts organized in one place?

Adding contacts to CareZone is easy—just import them from your phone. You can add descriptions, make calls directly from the app, and even share them with others (if you choose).

Contacts to add

  • Doctors and medical professionals
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance providers
  • Family, caregivers, sitters, neighbors, and anyone else you need to reach

Tip: Contacts are sorted alphabetically. If you add “Dr.” in front of the name, you’ll be able to see all your doctors’ names together.

Add a description

The description field is a great place to note a doctor’s specialty ( e.g. Primary Care Physician, Optometrist, etc.)

Share your contacts

If a CareZone is shared, family members and caregivers you’ve invited to your CareZone will have access to contacts—in case of an emergency, or whenever they’re needed. Learn more about sharing.

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