What to add to the Journal?

Keeping track of what is going on in your, or a loved one's, healthcare management can be difficult. The Journal is a single place to record important information and share updates with others who have access to a CareZone.

Caring for yourself

The Journal is a great place to keep track of how you’re feeling. Perhaps your pain medications aren’t working well in the mornings. Or you’re feeling especially energetic in the afternoons. Write it down for your own personal tracking.

Journal entries come in handy during medical appointments. When you’re asked how you’ve been feeling, you can easily reference symptoms, progress, flare-ups, and more.

You might also consider using the Journal to keep your ongoing medical history. Post an update after each appointment with the doctor’s instructions, test results, and anything else you’ll need to reference in the future.

Tip: Set a Journal Reminder in the iPhone or iPad app to receive regular prompts to record information, like your pain level, or how well you sleep each night. Learn more about Journal Reminders.

Caring for a family member

When caring for loved one, the journal is a great way to communicate with others, without having to repeat things. Instead of sending multiple texts and emails to your siblings about how Mom was doing during your last visit, simply post a single journal entry and we’ll send the update for you—to each person with access to the CareZone.

You can also use the Journal to record things like a loved one’s mood, pain, or sleeping habits, then easily reference your notes during medical appointments.

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