Turn off Tracker reminders

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Trackers reminders help you keep a good track of your health trends from Blood glucose to your Mood. Feel free to turn off any reminders that doesn't work for you.

Here’s how to turn off Tracker reminders

Android and iOS Instructions

  1. Tap the Trackers icon.
  2. Tap on any of the Tracker Category. I.E Blood Glucose
  3. Android: Tap the clock icon near the top right.
    IOS: Tap the blue Edit reminder text at the middle right.
  4. You can then edit or just remove the reminders
    • Android: Tap the blue X.
    • IOS: Tap on the reminder then Delete.

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Tap on the Tracker module.

View a Category.

Tap the Alarm icon.

Edit by tapping the blue text or delete with the blue X.



Tap on Tracker module.

Choose a Tracker category to edit.

Tap Edit reminder.

Tap on the Reminder,

Edit or delete the reminder.


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