Turn on/off notifications in CareZone Community

You can adjust the types of notifications and emails you receive from your CareZone Community account anytime—such as when another Community member replies to your post, mentions your @username, invites you to join a topic and more! 

Follow the steps below to learn how:

To adjust notifications sent from your CareZone app account (like med and refill reminders), visit this article instead.

Website Instructions

  1. Go to https://community.carezone.com on your desktop computer or mobile web browser.

  2. Select your Profile icon (top right)

  3. Select the small gear icon (top right corner of the drop-down menu).

  4. Select Preferences (top navigation bar).

  5. To adjust notifications you receive in your Community account:
    a. Select Notifications (left-side menu).

  6. To adjust email notifications from the Community:
    a. Select Emails (left-side menu). 
    b. To opt-in to a notification, add a checkmark by selecting the box. 
    c. To opt-out, remove the checkmark

Android and iPhone Instructions 

The CareZone Community is not yet available in the CareZone app just yet. 
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