Be prepared in an emergency

In addition to helping you keep a current list of medications, store important health info, and more easily manage day-to-day health, CareZone is also helpful in an emergency.

CareZone Emergency Card

If you have a medical emergency and are unresponsive, EMTs will look in your wallet for information that will enable them to provide proper care based on your medical history.

The CareZone Emergency Card includes the important info an EMT is looking in a single place, including your full name, medication list, allergies, and health conditions.

You can print the CareZone Emergency Card right from the app and it's formatted to fit nicely into any wallet (just follow the cut-lines on the printout). 

Click here to learn how to print your CareZone Emergency Card.

Share Access with a Family Member

Share your CareZone with your significant other, or other trusted family member, and they’ll have access to your medications, contacts, and other important information if you're not able to provide it.

Click here to learn how to share a CareZone.

Tap here to open the CareZone app.

If you're stuck, send an email to and we'll help you out!

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