Express Scripts FAQ

What is happening? 
Express Scripts has decided to remove CareZone Pharmacy from its network. This means that Express Scripts’ members (85 million Americans), many of America’s most vulnerable citizens, will no longer be able to use CareZone Pharmacy Services.

Many people depend on CareZone Pharmacy Services for access to convenient and reliable healthcare, accessible via their smartphone.

We are working to resolve this issue with Express Scripts. You can help by asking them to reconsider their position. 

Will I be affected?
If you are an Express Scripts member and the company doesn’t reconsider its decision, you will no longer be able to use CareZone Pharmacy Services. You will lose the pre-sorted pill packs, free home delivery and the ability to control your pharmacy via the CareZone app. You will still be able to use the CareZone app for medication reminders and storing health info. 

If you are not an Express Scripts member, you will not be immediately affected; however, limiting people’s access to health services hurts all of us. 

I’m not an Express Scripts member. Will I be affected?
No, you will not be affected. You can continue to use CareZone Pharmacy Services to manage your prescriptions and receive free home delivery.

When is the effective date?
If this issue is not resolved, effective July 13, 2018, Express Scripts members will no longer be able to use CareZone Pharmacy. We are working to resolve this issue prior to the effective date. We need your help.

What will happen to my prescriptions?
If you’re an Express Scripts member, you can continue to get your prescriptions filled by CareZone Pharmacy and delivered to you while we work to resolve this issue. If the issue is not resolved we will work with you to find a new pharmacy to meet your needs.

Why is Express Scripts doing this?
Express Scripts has a history of arbitrarily terminating the contracts of pharmacies that attempt to innovate, or compete with Express Scripts. We have been asking Express Scripts for nearly a year why they are attempting to remove us—they have been unable to give us a clear reason.

What can I do about this?
You can make a difference by writing to Express Scripts, and telling them to reconsider their position.

If you are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, you can also ask us to file a formal complaint on your behalf. Simply send a note to

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