Reminders Not Showing Up?

Not receiving med reminders or refill reminders or is your device not notifying you on time?

Follow the steps below for your specific device:


Step 1: Confirm that your notification settings are all turned ON for CareZone

  • Check your device settings and check if CareZone notifications are being blocked.
  • Check your app settings to see if your reminders are active.
  • Check the reminders set for the right time

Step 2: Confirm that CareZone is monitored by your system battery management.

  • General: Open your settings and check your battery management and make sure CareZone is not being put to sleep.
  • Samsung: Settings -> Device Management -> Battery -> Unmonitored App: Add CareZone to the unmonitored apps list.
  • LG: Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saving Exclusions: Add CareZone to the exclusion list.
  • Motorola: Settings -> Battery -> Swipe up to see apps affected -> choose CareZone -> Manage battery usage -> Make sure CareZone is unrestricted.
  • ZTE: Settings -> Energy management -> Energy management for applications -> app protection list -> allow screen-lock cleaning: Add CareZone to the list.
  • Xioami/Pocophone: Settings -> Battery & performance -> Choose apps -> CareZone: Set no restrictions.

Step 3: Confirm that your device has a reliable connection. (WiFi is recommended).

Step 4: Confirm that CareZone has background data turned ON.

  • Open your device Settings -> Apps -> CareZone -> Data (Mobile data) -> Allow background data usage/ Allow app while Data saver is on

This will make sure the app syncs properly, any changes made to your reminders are saved and prevents your notifications from being blocked or delayed.

Still have issues after trying the above? Check your device for "Cleaner Apps":

  • Cleaner apps like Super Cleaner, Clean Master, 360 Security, CM security, Fast Booster, or Norton Clean can affect your reminders when they try to remove or optimized "unwanted" background apps.
  • Turn OFF any of the above apps or have them exclude CareZone from their optimization. The settings in these apps vary greatly and can cause issues with CareZone reminders. 


You can set your IOS notifications to always go through. This will allow the app to ignore do not disturb. Click here to learn how.

If your notifications are still not showing up, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Confirm that your notification settings are all turned ON for CareZone

  • Open your device Settings -> Notifications -> CareZone -> Check if CareZone notifications are being blocked.
  • Check your app settings to see if your reminders are active.
  • Confirm that the reminders are set for the right time (AM/PM).

Step 2: Confirm that your device's Do Not Disturb setting OFF.

  • Open your device Settings -> Do Not Disturb -> Make sure the slider is off (to the left).

Step 3: Confirm that CareZone can refresh in the background and can sync properly.

  • Open your device Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Make sure CareZone slider is on (to the right).

Step 4: Confirm that you do not force close the app.

Still have issues after trying the above? Check the other apps on your device to confirm if notifications are sending properly.

  • If you have recently updated your iOS software, certain notifications can become unreliable. Contact Apple Support for help and let them know which recent iOS update is affecting your notifications.
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