Tips for scanning medications into the app

If it's your first time scanning medications or you ran into an issue while scanning, this guide can help!

Please follow these steps for the best scanning results:

  1. Find an area with bright indirect light (e.g. near a window or well-lit room).
  2. Place the medication on a flat surface (e.g. a counter or table). 
    1. Do not hold the medication bottle, as this may obstruct the label text or cause blurring. 
  3. Stabilize your mobile device on the flat surface, similar to a tripod. (e.g. stand the device upright or press it against the edge of the surface, so that the camera is facing directly across from the medication. 
  4. When your device is steady, take your first image.
  5. Rotate the bottle between each image (4 times total), making sure all parts of the label are visible across all 4 images. 
  6. Tap Submit when ready. 
  7. Do not scan the barcode only (as this is proprietary information to the pharmacy and will result in a rejected scan). 

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