What does a pharmacy order status of “On Hold” mean?

If your pharmacy order has a status of “On Hold” it means that your prescription cannot be filled until further action is taken. Please reference the specific “On Hold” reasons below:

Action Required: schedule prescriber appointment
Your order has been put on hold because your prescriber requires an appointment before he or she will write a new prescription for you. Please make an appointment with your prescriber so that CareZone Pharmacy can finish transferring your prescriptions. 
Action Required: confirm prescriber information
We’ve been unable to reach your prescriber. Please contact him or her directly and request that your medications be prescribed to CareZone Pharmacy. 
You can also contact us and verify that we have the correct information for your prescriber.
We will not contact your prescriber again unless you provide new information.
Action Required: contact prescriber
Your prescriber needs your authorization before sending prescriptions to CareZone Pharmacy. Please contact your prescriber and let him/her know to prescribe your prescriptions to CareZone Pharmacy.
Action Required: contact current pharmacy
Your current pharmacy requires that you contact them directly and request to have your prescriptions transferred to CareZone Pharmacy. 
Action Required: provide updated prescriber information
Your prescriptions haven’t been transferred to CareZone Pharmacy because we have the wrong prescriber information. Please call 844-792-2739 or send a message to support@carezone.com with updated information for your prescriber. 
Prior Authorization needed
The medication requires a Prior Authorization from your prescriber. We’ve already requested that your prescriber send the Prior Authorization to your insurance company; however, you can help expedite the process by contacting your prescriber directly. 
If you receive confirmation from your prescriber that the Prior Authorization has been approved, please let us know so we can begin processing your prescription refill. 
Too soon for new prescription
Your order has been put on hold because your prescriber indicated that it is too early to write a new prescription for CareZone Pharmacy to fill. 
As soon the prescription is able to be filled, CareZone Pharmacy will contact your prescriber to obtain a prescription. You do not need to take any action.
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