Copay FAQs

How much will my copays be?

In most cases, your copays will stay the same. Your copays are set by your insurance company and may vary based on certain factors, including where you fill medications, your deductible (if you have one), and what kind of medication you’re receiving.

Why can’t you provide my copay amounts before my medications are filled?

The copay amount is communicated to CareZone Pharmacy at the time the medication is filled, so we are unable to provide you with copay information in advance of a refill.

Will my copay change if I order a 90-day supply of medication?

Your copay will likely increase if you order a 90-day supply of medication. You may contact your insurance company by calling the number on the back of your insurance card to get specific information about copay costs under your current health plan.

Can I use a coupon to help pay for my prescriptions?

CareZone Pharmacy accepts a variety of coupons. To confirm if a specific coupon can be applied, please send us the information through your CareZone Inbox or send an email to We’ll look up the coupon and let you know if you can use it!

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