CareZone Pharmacy Services FAQs

Interested in signing up for CareZone Pharmacy Services? Get all the info you need below.

What’s included in the service?

When you signup with CareZone Pharmacy, you’ll get your medications delivered to your home, free of charge.

We also offer convenient pre-sorted pill packets. The pill packets are organized by dosage, date and time. Simply tear open a pack and you've got exact medications you need.

You’ll also be able to manage your medications and refills from the CareZone app.

How is CareZone Pharmacy Services different than my local pharmacy?

The biggest difference is the free home delivery. You won’t have to make trips to your local pharmacy or wait in long lines.

You also have the option to get your medications delivered in pre-sorted pill packets.  The pill packets are organized by dosage, date and time, which means you’ll no longer have to manually sort your pills.

Using the CareZone app, you can see your refill status, order meds and send messages to the pharmacy.

What is the cost for your service?

It’s free! You’re just responsible for your copays.

How do I sign up?

Just call 844-422-7396 to speak with a CareZone Care Advisor — it only takes 5 minutes. We’ll confirm your medications and health insurance and the pharmacists will do the rest!

What information do I have to provide to sign up?

When you sign up, please have the following information available:

Mailing address, name and phone number for your local pharmacy, contact information for your prescribing physician(s), your medication list and doses, and insurance card.

If you’re taking controlled medications you must also provide a valid form of ID.

What will my copays be?

Your copays should stay at the same rate as your current pharmacy. We are always available to help find ways to reduce your copays. For more information on our payment plan options,  send us an Inbox message or call 844-422-7396.

Where do the medications come from?

Our medications are the same medications dispensed at CVS, Walgreens, etc.— we work with America’s leading medical wholesaler to offer an exceptionally broad selection of prescription medicines, creams, drops, insulins and inhalers.

When do I pay for my medications?

There is not a set due date for payment — you can choose what day each month you’d like to pay. We’ll charge the card you have on file on the day you’ve specified.

How soon will my medications arrive?

Typically, your first shipment will arrive within 10 to 15 days. After that, your medications will be waiting on your doorstep on their refill date!

How do you know when to refill my medications?

CareZone Pharmacy knows when you're due for a refill through communication with your prescribing doctor and your insurance carrier. Your prescriptions are refilled automatically and waiting on your doorstep when you need them.

How do you make money if there aren't any fees?

CareZone makes money through your standard copays, and from your insurance provider.

What happens when I run out of refills?

If you run out of refills, don’t worry! CareZone Pharmacy will contact your doctor well before your next refill is due to secure a new prescription for you.

What happens if my doctor changes my prescription?

If your doctor writes you a new prescription or changes the dosage of an existing prescription, they can submit the updated prescription electronically. All they need to do is search for CareZone Pharmacy in California.

Can I still get medications refilled locally, like antibiotics and temporary prescriptions?

Yes. You can always get a new prescription refilled at your local pharmacy. If you start taking a new prescription permanently CareZone Pharmacy can transfer it from your local pharmacy for you.

Can you fill my controlled medications?

CareZone Pharmacy is able to dispense certain controlled medications as long as you have a valid ID on file. It’s easy to upload your ID into the CareZone app

There are certain highly controlled medications like Hydrocodone and Oxycontin that CareZone Pharmacy is unable to refill.

Can you deliver medical supplies? (glucose machines, test strips, pen needles, etc...)

CareZone Pharmacy can dispense certain medical supplies as long as they are covered under your prescription insurance plan.

Blood glucose machines are not provided by CareZone Pharmacy at this time, but certain diabetic testing supplies are.

Can you fill my Over the Counter drugs?

Yes, as long as you have a valid prescription for them.

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