Med adherence changes for CareZone iOS app

We've updated the CareZone app to better help you track when you’ve taken your medications (known as “Medication Adherence”). The changes include:

A new way to record that you've taken your medications.  
You can now access your Med Adherence by tapping on the View Med Schedule card. You can also continue to mark Med Adherence by tapping or sliding on a medication reminder notification. 

To record doses taken, either respond to a med reminder notification or open the app and navigate to the Med Schedule page. On the Med Schedule page, you can individually tap to check off medications taken or tap the Take all button. To record previous doses, tap on the desired calendar date. 

Weekly and monthly calendar views.
The new feature includes weekly and monthly calendar views that provide visual summaries of your medication intake. To access the month view, simply pull down on the week to expand the month. 

Improved functionality to record previously recorded medications. 
To change the time, dosage quantity, or unit type (e.g. drops, mg, patches, etc) of a previously marked med:

  1. Tap the pencil icon to the far right of the medication name.
  2. Make the necessary changes then tap Done.
  3. Tap Save to exit the Med Schedule page and return to the Med List.

The pencil icon is only present on meds that have been marked as taken.

An easy way to see and record missed doses. 
Day of missed dosages are now included in your med reminder notifications, on the medications module, and on the med schedule view. Your missed doses will appear in red. To record that you've taken a missed dose, navigate to the Med Schedule page and tap the name of the missed medication (it will be in red).

This new feature is now available. Be sure to turn on auto-updates to always have the latest and greatest CareZone. To update your phone, just go to your Settings app > ITunes & App Stores. Then toggle “Updates” to On.

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