Edit a Journal entry

When you record important info and share updates in the Journal, the details often matter. If you need to change the date, or add information you forgot to include earlier, just edit the original entry.

iPhone and iPad Instructions

  1. Go to the Journal module. 
  2. Tap on the blue "v" drop-down button next to the date of the Journal entry you want to edit.
  3. Tap Edit Entry.
  4. Enter the new details or change the date and tap Save in the upper right corner.

Android Instructions

You can't edit a Journal entry in the Android app just yet, but you can using a browser on your phone or tablet. Just go to CareZone.com, sign into your account, and follow the directions below for CareZone.com.

If you'd like to see this feature added to the Android app, add the idea on our Suggestion Board!

CareZone.com Instructions

  1. Go to the Journal module. 
  2. Move your mouse just to the right of "Comment" (beneath the entry you want to edit). 
  3. Click the Edit button which now appears.
  4. Enter the new details, or change the date, and click Save.
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